Zack Boone is an Irish songwriter and performer whose music appears in various international award-winning movies. He hails from Mullingar, County Westmeath.

He became interested in making music as a 16 year old, when his Dad sat him down to listen to Bob Dylan’s ‘Hurricane’. A week laterBoone bought a battered old Spanish guitar and began teaching himself. Having survived university/workaday life for a while, he slipped away, threw his TV into a skip and recorded his first album, Somewhere Beyond. One of its songs Is Is It True? was chosen as a BBC6 Top 15 track of the year.

Weary from urban life, he absconded to a lakeside cottage, re-discovered his sense of humour and carved out his second major work, Escapade. One of the album’s tracks was chosen for the prestigious BBC Introducing Series. Show presenter Tom Robinson described it thus: ‘Louise, Don’t Tease’ marks a paradigm shift for Irish singer/songwriter Zack Boone, morphing into a playful and inventive recording artist, cheerfully tearing up the studio rulebook. It’s quite wonderful to hear.’

Zack Boone can usually be found in his lakeside studio concocting all manners of music. He is currently pursuing an album distribution deal while introducing his music to new fans.









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E.P. Release Date

September 1, 2014September 1, 2014

Monday SEPTEMBER 8th 2014.

Release Date for Zack Boone's 3 song E.P. 

Listeners will be able to download the E.P. from the website's homepage.