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Zack Boone b&w

When the whole world appears to be whispering ‘Get a real job’, art can be a lonely business. When your government picks ‘Jedward’ to play for the American president, art can be a lonely business. When it appears that the only way to get things done is to do it all yourself, art can be a lonely business.

For too many years, I had been trying to do it all myself. When I got an email from the legendary TOM ROBINSON, asking me to support him on his Irish tour, I felt less alone. When the magnificent CAROL MCGOWAN offered me the services of her world class voice, I felt a flutter. When the uniquely talented & wonderful NIALL MASTERSON offered to play guitar with me, I began to feel like I might have a buddy or two. When the multi-talented jazz-master, TOM ‘TUCKER’ MULCAHY, agreed to play guitar with me in Cork, I punched the air. When my beautiful sister, CAROL MCMAHON, and my inimitable brother, TERRY MCMAHON, came to see me play in Dublin, I knew I had family. When the loudest voice I heard, coming off stage, was that of a 73 year old man, BARNEY PHAIR, I began to think that art and the people who support it, might be the best friends anyone could wish for.

To everybody who helped me, came to see me, and bought my music in 2015 -Thank you sincerely.

Zack Boone​

Photo: Zack Boone & Friends supporting Tom Robinson at Whelan’s, Dublin, 2015. Left to right. Carol McGowan​, Zack Boone, Niall Masterson​.
Photo by Catherine Cleary.


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E.P. Release Date

September 1, 2014September 1, 2014

Monday SEPTEMBER 8th 2014.

Release Date for Zack Boone's 3 song E.P. 

Listeners will be able to download the E.P. from the website's homepage.